Letter to Conservative Christians – Real talk.

The man in FL who gave his AR-57 to the local police said (paraphrasing) “I’m a member of the most hated demographic. I’m a conservative middle class white male…. I hate to say it, but no gun reform will happen unless my demographic gets on board,” and I agree 100%. Come the hell on, we’ve … More Letter to Conservative Christians – Real talk.


The Misinformation Age

In the midst of, and perhaps because of, the age of information comes the age of misinformation: conspiracy theories that can’t be disproven, red herrings, ad hominem attacks, fantasy, and flat out lies. No one embodies the misinformation age better than Donald Trump. But I don’t want to talk about him. He has enough of our … More The Misinformation Age

And Another Thing…

Apparently, getting all up in other people’s business is good business. Religious laws aimed at if or when we can buy beer, how many spouses you can have, whether or not you can divorce them and under what circumstances, how you conduct yourself sexually – telling other people their business has historically been good business. … More And Another Thing…

To Pee Or Not To Pee

Just now, on CNN, some conservative legislator from NC just said (repeatedly), “it’s not extreme to say that if you’re a boy, you use the boy’s bathroom” and vice versa. It IS extreme to make such a grand sweeping statement that decides for millions of people how they should live their lives, which is, they … More To Pee Or Not To Pee

Paying Respects

There’s so much going on right now, so much to write about! The primaries are in full swing (go Bernie!), Trump has come up from a trashy entertainment wanna-be politician to a trashy entertainment wanna-be serious presidential candidate, Justice Scalia has died, and now Nancy Reagan has passed away. Let’s address the passing of Saint … More Paying Respects

A New Name

I filed a petition to change my name yesterday. I am an adult child who is disowning her father. If I tried, I could count how many times I’ve seen him my entire life. The last time I saw my dad in person was in 2003. This name change started 2 years ago when my … More A New Name